Trout Valley Riesling , Nelson NZ

Fresh, ripe apples, pear and citrus fruit with a lingering finish, making it a delicious off-dry style riesling.
$ 36

Beyond Broke Road Pinot Gris, Eden Valley

Classic cool climate style showing lifted citrus notes with a hints of pear and ginger.
$ 7 per glass $35 per bottle

Special Release Gewürztraminer

The wines shows an intensely lifted nose of the hallmark gewürztraminer spice and the palate is well rounded with just a hint of residual sweetness.
$ 35

Ra Nui Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ

The nose exhibits initial grassy herbal characters which then given way to more dominant tropical fruit characters, passionfruit and lime.
$ 9 per glass 40 per bottle

Tyrrell's Hunter Valley Chardonnay, Hunter Valley NSW

Some of our favourite blocks were selected for this wine. The nose is citrus with a slight hint of Oka, the palate is weighted and generous and has the texture and complexities associated with time on lees.
$ 8 per glass 35 per bottle


Old Winery Pinot Noir, Hunter Valley NSW

Cherry and strawberry aromas with complex forest floor undertones. A soft but generously flavourers style with sweet aromas of berries and mushroom.
$ 6 per glass 22 per bottle

Echo Beach Cabernet Merlot, Margaret River WA

Lifted plum, mint and leafy characters with layers of spice. The palate is medium bodied with a soft mouth feel and smooth tannins.
$ 8 per glass 32 per bottle

Beyond Broke Road Cabernet Sauvignon, Limestone Coast

Classic lifted dark cherry and blackberry aromas with hints of violets and olive tapenade
$ 7 per glass 35 per bottle

Ra Nui Pinot Noir, Marlborough NZ

Light red in colour, on the nose enticing aromas of ripe black cherries, pepper and spice.
$ 45

Rufus Stone Heathcote Shiraz, Heathcote VIC

The nose is full of regional ripe plum and dark cherries with a pinch of white pepper and sweet vanillin. The flavours carry onto the palate which is full of big soft fruit, balanced by regional minerality, elegant Oka and natural acid
$ 9 per glass 35 per bottle


Suntory Premium Malts (tap beer)

The Premium Malt’s has a delicate floral aroma and a rich, quality taste. The Premium Malt’s is made using original brewing methods to produce the perfect premium beer.
$ 10

Asahi Super Dry

Our Asahi Beer is produced in Japan. With refreshing barley flavour and crisp aftertaste, It is the most popular and high-quality beer in Japan.
$ 10

Kirin Ichiban

The premium beer made from premium ingredients. 100% malt, first press beer.
$ 10


Sapporo Beer has a crisp, refined flavor and a clean finish. Sapporo is the oldest brand of beer in Japan.
$ 10

Coopers Pale Ale

Coopers Pale Ale has a compelling flavour which is perfect for every occasion. Naturally fermented in the "Burton-upon-Trent" style, a secondary fermentation creates the trademark sediment that gives 'Pale' its fine cloudy appearance.
$ 7


Corona is famous around the world for its smooth, refreshing taste. It displays a well-rounded character with pleasant malt and hop aromas.
$ 8

Hahn Premium Light

Hahn Premium Light is a superior tasting liquid that has been passionately brewed using the best of modern technology and the finest natural ingredients.
$ 6


Strongbow Apple Cider

Strongbow Dry Cider is made using a variety of apple types - providing a unique and relatively complex Cider.
$ 7

SPIRITS - mix + $1

BASIC - Absolute (Vodka), Malibu, Kahlua, Tia Maria, Midori

$ 7

BASIC - Jim Beam, Beefeater (Gin), Bacardi Rum

$ 8

BASIC - Jack Daniel, Bombay Sapphire (Gin), Jose Cuervo Tequila

$ 9

BASIC - Grey Goose (Vodka)

$ 12


Jelly Sake Cocktails (Peach, Plum or Berry)



Junmai Ginjo, Alcohol: 15.6%, Clean, dry finish. Chilled to room temp.
Small (150ml) $15 L (250ml) $23


Yamaha Junmai, Alcohol: 17.9%, Dry, roasted nuts floor. Chilled to room temp.
Small (150ml) $18 L (250ml) $26

Kakushika Namachozo

Junmai namachozo, Alcohol: 13.3%, cool aroma and mild taste. chilled.
(180ml) $12


Junmai Nigori (coarse-filtered), Alcohol: 12.5%, Natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste. chilled.
(300ml) $20

Snow Beauty

Junmai Nigori (coarse-filtered), Alcohol: 14.7%, Mild sweetness and rich aroma. chilled.
(300ml) $24


lichiko (Barley), Kuro Kirishima (Sweet potato), Tantakatan (Shiso)

$ 8

Umeshu (Plum)

$ 7


Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Lemon Squash

$ 3

Orange Juice, Calpis (Japanese Milk-Based Drink), Sparkling Fuji Apple Juice, Qoo (Japanese White Grape Juice), Oolong Tea

$ 4

Sparkling Mineral Water

$ 8


Long black

$ 4


$ 4


$ 4

Flat white

$ 4


Black Tea (Earl Grey / English Breakfast)

$ 3 cup

Sencha Green Tea

$ 3.50 Cup

Organic Green Tea

$ 6.50 Pot


Green Tea with Brown Popped Rice
$ 6 Pot

Rooibos Tea

$ 3 Cup

Green Tea Latte

$ 5

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